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Association 4image has been active since 2003. Its’ main objective is to promote the development of applicable culture in Croatia, as well as to promote Croatian cultural identity in the country and outside national borders. From the very beginning of the creation, 4image has gathered a small team formed by art historians, historians, artists, sociologist and linguists professionally involved and engaged in creation of cultural programs, strategic and development in their locally based cultural institutions. The essential idea was to expand the availability of « art » and cultural events among art enthusiasts, but also to indirectly expand networks by including new consumers and making art accessible to all. Given the rich cultural and artistic heritage that Croatia has, they think that it would help in spreading awareness and knowledge about value of cultural heritage, and the strengthening of local and national identity.

They believe that by organizing various cultural events (exhibitions, lectures, workshops) the people have the opportunity to acquire new knowledge and practices, which are indirectly transferred to everyday life and wider range of education in community.

Our previous projects were focused on non-formal education and development of culture and creativity in community, which makes us closely related to questions addressed to this project – improving life for disadvantaged youngsters. Until now we have organized several artistic exhibition and workshop projects nationwide (« Downtowners Trogir » on the Adriatic cost and Zagreb). In 2008, we founded Art & Art Trade Web Portal « Maidendoo ». Croatian accession to the EU has allowed us to develop partnerships and project networks outside Croatia through life long learning project (Folk art), and youth projects (YUP- Youth urban participation). From the very beginning our organization has established a broad network of formal institutions partners (Primary and secondary schools, Faculty of Humanities and Social Science, Drama Academy, Faculty of Landscape Architecture and Houses for children – Slavonski Brod and Zagreb) as well as partners from informal structures, which support a high implementation capacity for our artistic event management activities.

Also 4image has been working on a project with a group of youngsters in Trogir (island of Čiovo) dealing with isolation problems (especially in winter) with Local Government and School partnership, aiming to encourage young people for a more active role in community integration process. Our youngsters (10 of them) are also involved in our Youth in action project with Rocher de Palmer,

Bordeaux organization in a project called Youth Urban Participation. It deals with video and interview with people participating in big events, on a local level, to understand how we can use public spaces, and what does it mean for young people.

Association 4image is involved in Grundtvig project called Folk and art with 4 partner countries (Hungary, Portugal, Finland,

Lithuania) in which we are working on organizing a photo exhibition, making a film and video, in collaboration with local community on island Hvar. We want to share all our positive experiences in the sphere of youngsters, to help and provide them with better possibilities in their lives.

Members of our association are mostly artists who have experience in working with disadvantaged people, especially children and youngsters. Maja Marohnic, as a project manager in cultural center in Zagreb, has been working 10 years now in projects mixing culture and social work in houses for children, jails for youth and children in hospitals dealing with serious diseases. We made workshops (photography, music-drummers, drama, social-skills) and different kind of events in which we mixed disadvantaged and advantaged children and youngsters.

In these years we made a very good collaboration with Croatian association of social workers which are willing to join us in this project under the umbrella of 4image.

Croatian Association of Social Workers is a professional organization whose origins date back to 1954, and after a series of transformations in the present structure dates back to 2000. The Association has about 600 members. It was established with the aim of promoting the profession of social work, integrating social workers for joint action and determining the ethical standards of the profession, mutual support, promote additional training to the scope of work , organization and supervision of educational meetings , monitoring standards of social workers in international organizations , especially in Europe , and participation in the legislative bodies of Croatian .

Since 2000, the Association has developed a number of activities which seeks to monitor current social developments and restructuring the social welfare system in accordance with the needs of modern society.

Their education includes a range of skills. Their previous efforts in the most difficult situations has shown that social work, as a profession, has an important role in solving different everyday problems: violence, addiction, poverty, unemployment… It is expected to reduce the scope of the problems and thereby reduce materials issuing to repair the damage.

We will also be working with M. Filip Čiček, sociologist who will intervene in the project on the aspects linked to the evaluation.

Filip Čiček, MR sociologist, born 1987, associate of Udruga 4image. He is coauthor of the high school sociology textbook/Školska knjiga d.o.o., Zagreb (Croatia), he wrote new high school sociology textbook in collaboration with two other authors.From May 2013. he is Expert associate in Office for Human Rights and Rights of National Minorities, Government of the Republic of Croatia,

Zagreb (Croatia) where he was assisting on various of Offices’ projects. He is also vice president in Center for Education and Social Research, Zagreb (Croatia) where he deals with coordination of the research projects, organisation of round tables, cooperation with various NGOs. Conceptualisation and realisation of scientific research, writing of the report, data processing etc.