Association MONTJOYE

Montjoye Association, founded in 1949, operates in the Maritime-Alps territory with children, young people and adults in the following fields :

  • training and education throughout life,
  • access to housing,
  • child welfare and educational support for parents;
  • legal aid.

The Association has now 11 departments and counts more than 250 employees.

The Association aims at arousing and taking care of any initiative concerning the education/reeducation of young people and adults for their insertion or social rehabilitation.

Montjoye’s training center (CF2M) acts in the field of lifelong learning process, essentially for people with low qualifications to facilitate their insertion and/or to secure their professional careers. The CF2M center is active in particular within the framework of the Regional Training Program to facilitate access to key skills for young adults leaving the school system without qualifications. In this context, we designed in 2008 an innovative device for both access to culture and access to basic knowledge. Since then we have been coordinating this method in collaboration with 9 training centers of the Maritime-Alps department. It benefits every year to about 250 young adults. This regional device is called « Culture for the Access to First Knowledge (CAPS) » and aims at the same time:

  • to provide a structured and democratized access in the cultural offer for young people who are distant from it,
  • to stimulate their learning process by using a cultural medium.

Now, after 6 years of action, we have a rich educational pack that comes in an illustrated manual for beneficiaries, a pedagogical guide for professionals and a briefcase which includes a variety of multimedia tools, such as games, audios, videos, etc…

At the present, our major aims are:

  • To share our teaching material with European partners to enable them to develop contextualized tools based on the close cultural environment;
  • develop and enrich our tool by being inspired by those of partners;
  • complete our actions by activities allowing us to strengthen the axis “realization of cultural products to enhance participation”;
  • improve our internal and external evaluation tools and our methods in helping beneficiaries capitalize and enhance the knowledge and skills acquired by an activity using cultural media.

Our organization has not so far been directly involved in European projects but we were invited several times by other project managers to disseminate our experience and know – how and to present our activities. Our two contributions, last dated, focused on a presentation of our device for access to culture and basic knowledge in two workshops Grundtvig (Nice, April 17, 2014 organized by Heliotrope and Marseille on May 13, organized by Peuple et Culture Marseille). We found these contributions and exchanges particularly rewarding and in a perfect fit with the development objectives of our Association which has decided to mobilize the resources necessary to participate and initiate European projects.

This project is a first time for us but is part of a continuity of action sustained by the conviction that European exchanges are one of the keys permitting the continuous improvement of the support that we offer to our beneficiaries.

As the applicant organisation we will take on our role of management of the project: coordination of all partners, coordination of project’s evaluation. The key persons to be involved in the project are :

  • Veronique BRACCO – Project supervisor – General Manager of Association Montjoye (>250 employees), previously financial director (annual budget of nearly 18 milion Euros mainly public funds, including ESF)
  • Clara ABRUDEANU – Coordinator: teacher at the university, researcher, trainer, trainer of trainers (also in European projects). Manager of the training center of the Association, she coordinates training throughout life and supports the beneficiaries engaged in an integration process. She supervised the conception and implementation of several innovative devices for the access to employment, integration and culture -devices financed by public and private funds. She has expertise in research, project management, management of multidisciplinary teams and several professional experiences in international teams.
  • Jean-Pierre BROSSARD -Project coordination team: transnational coordination, evaluation and support in monitoring He is an independent consultant at Darwin Eco-system, an innovative multidisciplinary cluster located in Bordeaux. JP.Brossard has worked for 13 years in the field of European Commission tenders and in the development of transnational cooperation projects, and he was in charge of managing European Social Funds for innovative vocational training. Since 2004, he is a consultant and trainer for European programmes with training organisations and insertion, local authorities, cultural organisations, … (European Social Fund,Interreg, Leonardo, Grundtvig, Culture programmes). JP. Brossard was also an evaluator for 4 years for the French Agency for the Long Life Learning Programme, on assessment and project selection. He has been working for 3 years on the evolution and development of skills for social workers, using the analysis of professional practices. He is in particular interested in the impact of the participatory approach in artistic projects, or how it can empower people – disadvantaged or not – in their own life.