N’A QU’1 OEIL is an association created in 1996 to lead research around books, seen as artistic support, and to « give life » to books in many different ways.

We are based in a physical place in Bordeaux since 2001 and we work mainly in the Aquitaine region with a lot of partners. Our goal is to make books with people and speeches that are not usually in books. In order to achieve this goal, we meet all kinds of public (all ages, all social categories etc), elaborate workshops and then mix these speeches in our books.

Our value is to pass through the social categories in considering, above all, that everyone is the specialist of his own way of thinking.

Claiming the book as a plastic space, our actions mean to unpartition the different disciplines as visual arts, music, contemporary poetry, performing art, literature, etc.

The commitment of N’A QU’1 OEIL editions in the nowadays artistic, politic and social context passes through an assertment to create books with « those ones who are not used to do some », without any age, professional or social level distinction.

Those books affirm themselves as « anti-boarder » books and aim to contain cut-up of words from here and now.

Workshops are led by artists, working in pairs, and can take place in various ways: by working on words of slang, dialect, foreign languages, neologisms, used by the participants in their socio-cultural background. The artists also suggest to the participants to take a story, a memory, one moment of life, etc. as a starting point of a definition.

The foundation of these workshops lies in the human meeting and accordingly, the methodology varies from a public to another one. Every word is scrupulously noted in its deep integrality, reviewed, rewritten if need be, with the person who formulated it, so that it remains the closest possible to the speaker’s intention.

Sometimes, the illustration settles as the obvious way to say the unspeakable. Actually, the participants can produce images to support a definition or as a substitute, when the words are lacking or reduce the subject. It passes by means of sculpture, of drawing, of photography but also by participation in chorus, in sound.

Because each one is the specialist of his own thoughts and his way to express it, we spend our time to make people talk and we publish their peculiarity, gleaned in the form of papers, of drawings, of photos, of sounds, of songs, etc.

By the inherent transversality of the concept and by the diversity of the affected public, the N’A QU’1 OEIL project aims to make people sensitive to the reading and in the writing.

N’A QU’1 OEIL has a team of 5 employees with :

  • Carole Lataste and Benjamin Charles as artistic directors
  • Elsa Maye-Nora for the distribution and communication (she’s dedicated to European project)
  • Amelie Delberghe for the French projects
  • Nadia Mochhoury as administrator
  • and outside artists for more specific projects.

Our integration in European projects is motivated by getting feed-backs of experiences from other countries and transnational partners and sharing our methods in the field of social affairs and art. We would like to feel new audiences with our work and to see a human return on our contributions.

We have a long time experience in the elaboration of cultural and social projects and put people together to participate to the construction of a collective work.

We worked with a wide variety of structures (public and private, state commission, art residence) and imagined a variety of projectseach with adapted to the public. Our main method to work with people is art, in a multimedia approach (drawings, photography, sound art, music, texts …).

N’A QU’1 OEIL has been founded by visual artists that have skills in books and music creation.

Carole Lataste : Holder of an english and french graduate of fine arts, Carole Lataste is the director of N’A QU’1 OEIL association since 1998. She has 20 years experience of making books with people, animating workshops of participative art, teaching artistic practices and social activities in university, leading projects with all kind of public (first school children to senior), producing art forms (books, exhibitions, performances), managing a well-known cultural structure in Bordeaux, imagining and creating graphic shaping for books and communication tools. She works with drawings, paintings, writing, singing and performances. Her work is supported by institutions (city, department, region and state), she is invited by many national and international structures to show and practice her work. Carole Lataste says about herself : For a long time, my raw material is the other one. And in every other one, I find every time somebody. My work consists in imagining and in creating artistic forms from which I cut and I stick parts of the reality, to translate these meetings and make them public.

Benjamin Charles : Benjamin Charles (also known as Michel Bananes Jr as musician alias) is the co-director of N’A QU’1 OEIL association since 2007. He’s both a musician and a visual artist, works in collaborative approaches of making art with people, develops methods of composing and producing music for non-professional publics, creates an artists’group in Bordeaux around new ways of making exhibitions and co-producing art, he is a part of 3 professional bands (music and performance) and he schedules cultural events in Bordeaux. Benjamin Charles is a protean contemporary artist who works the meeting as much with the images as the words or the sounds, what supposes to make available, to be attuned to the word, the act of other one. The particular situation scenarios every time force a practice of exchanges. Here double author, at the same time of the concept of exhibition, his implementation and works, he confronts with the current artistic practices of a territory. More than creator he settles in « builder » of proposals which question the field of the contemporary art. Claire Paries, art critic.