Nuove Risposte

Nuove Risposte Social Cooperative has been established in Rome in 1980 by 9 partners with the idea of finding and providing new services to face the new needs that were emerging in the society – especially among elderly and disabled people, minors and their families, people with psychic troubles. It manages home care services, semi-residential and residential buildings for the targeted groups in collaboration with public bodies: The District IV, V, VI and VII of the Municipality of Rome, ASL RM / B (Health Local Company) and the Lazio Region. Its’ staff is composed of around 340 workers, as members, employees and collaborators.

The care services offered by the Cooperative generally answers to the social needs deriving from the transformation of the welfare system. From the beginning the Cooperative conceived its activity as a professional intervention to prevent social disadvantage and promote the individual well-being. The main aim is the realisation of projects and services to foster the full participation of the cooperative-system, the users as well as the operators, through a management system based on the democratic participation of each working-partner at all levels. Users/clients are first of all “citizens”, with needs but also rights to be supported in the achieving of their autonomy and collaborative skill.

The Cooperative implements and carries out socio-educational and socio-cultural projects aimed at preventing social disadvantage at local level through the promotion of empowerment and individual resources.

During the years it has diversified the range of proposed activities and services and today is one of the most important cooperative in the social field on the territory-the Municipality of Rome and all Lazio Region. Over time, the Cooperative has also developed methodologies, procedures and practices for each kind of service as described in the Manual of the Quality.

The Cooperative refers to the Integrated Management System for Quality and Social Responsibility conforming to ISO 9001:2008 and SA 8000:2008 standard.

For the project proposal Nuove Risposte will involve as responsible Mrs. Paola Tiribocchi, psychologist expert in the management of services addressed to children and teenagers; and as artistic/didactical director Mr. Pasquale Innarella, musician internationally famous.

What are the activities and experience of the partner organisation in the areas relevant for this project? What are the skills and/or expertise of key persons involved in this project?

Since 1998 Nuove Risposte has been experiencing the management of the community centre “La Rustica”, proposed by the Social Service Department of the District VII of the Municipality of Rome, with the aim of activating prevention services in a neighbourhood at high risk of social disadvantage and deviance, especially for children and teenagers.

The innovative element proposed by Nuove Risposte, through the Centre, is the link between social and cultural fields in order:

  • to enhance the empowerment, learning skills, personal growth and development of young people;
  • to develop social skills (work in team);
  • to promote social inclusion and intercultural learning;
  • to support self-confidence.

In addition, it has experimented several pilot actions – mainly cultural and social activities – turned by the years into projects addressed to individuals and groups. In 2000 the cooperative has launched the Street Band Project within the community centre “La Rustica” involving two suburb areas of the District X. The project has been managed and coordinated by Nuove Risposte with the support of Pasquale Innarella in the role of art director and musician to develop and foster musical skills among 350 young people from the two neighborhoods overcoming social barriers. The project made possible the realisation of the RusticaXBand, composed of about 50 young people aged 8-20 years old that performed in several contests and recorded a CD. RusticaXBand, in 2013, played with musical bands coming from different European and American countries at the « Festival of Bands and Orchestras on Road. »

Within the Center, artistic and cultural activities are considered as tools to promote the mutual understanding and cohesion giving to young people the opportunity to meet new people and have life experiences. Cultural expressions, especially the music, are the best means of communication to support the development of a common and democratic spirit and the social/cultural inclusion.

The pedagogical method used in the Centre is not focused on the individual’s perfection, but on teaching young people the importance of the continuous improvement for their and the community wellbeing. The youngest are stimulated in exploring the possible relationships within the neighborhood and discovering the services they can benefit to become active citizens:Having good relations with the local territory and establishing networks of friendships help people in living better.

Following this approach, the Centre tries to involve people also in a European dimension through innovative projects. The activities offer people of different cultures and generation to work on their personal development and to learn more about Europe. Among the international projects promoted by the Cooperative:

  • « Comics from the Suburbs  » Youth in Action Programme (Action 3.1) funded by the European Commission , March 17th- 27th 2008, Rome;
  •  » Eco- Environment  » Youth in Action Programme (Action 3.1 ) July 2nd-12th 2008, Cork (Ireland), in collaboration with theInternational Civil Service »;
  • “Abel in Europe » Youth in Action Programme (Action 3.1) in Transylvania (Romania) July 16th-26th 2009;
  • « 1000 notes for Europe – Sounds from the suburbs  » _ Youth in Action Programme a project on music activities, designed as a vehicle of knowledge and training. It involved groups of young people from France, Hungary and Germany, July 2nd -10th 2010, Rome.

The key staff involved in this project proposal:

Mr. Pasquale Innarella, project manager: Art director of RusticaXBand; jazz musician and saxophon teacher. He linked the passion for the music with its sensitivity towards social problems of suburban area, proposing the social inclusion of youngest through the composition of a street band. On April 30th he took part at the « Word Jazz Day », being selected as representative for Italy.

Mrs. Tiribocchi Paola, researcher: In charge of the community Centre “La Rustica”; psychologist with many years of experience and knowledge in services for children and adolescents, competent in the use of techniques and methods of group management. She has responsible for the coordination and monitoring of work in team. In the field “Arts and Culture” she coordinated the European exchange « 1000 Notes for Europe » in 2010.

Mrs. Paola Mastrosanti, administration: graduated in Law, she works for the administration managing the legal/formal procedures relating to company law, its specific regulations and rules on procurement and privacy. For years, she has been also involved in the sector “Arts and Culture”.

Mr. Mattia Corazza, administration: Graduated in Economy, he has been engaged for years in the administrative field as accounting and billing clerk.