Vila-Real City Council

Local authority (City Council), with a population of 51,000 inhabitants. It is divided into two main areas: general administration (intervention and financial control, secretary, treasury, new technologies, human resources, press, mayor) and specific services departments such as environment, economic development, sports, culture, youth, education, health, social services, etc.

The main economic activity of the municipality is the ceramics industry, which has greatly diminished with the current economic situation. The municipality currently records a high percentage of unemployment, especially among young people.

The municipality has a culturally diverse population. Foreign people represent 14 % of the total population (7% nationals of third countries)

The social services department manages several areas, one of which is solidarity, integration and cooperation. Within this area, the following programs and services are managed: Service of intercultural mediation and integration, cooperation and development education and social volunteering program.

As regards integration, both actions to general population and specific target groups (children, youth , women, seniors, immigrants, etc) are developed.

There is no specific department dedicated to European projects, each department manages the project that it promotes, but there is a European project experienced staff in Trade and Economic Development for support.


  • Mediation and intercultural integration Service: Languages training courses, information about resources, services, cultural events. Accompanying. Intercultural mediation. Translation and interpreting. Cultural and recreational actions as a way to promote integration (kitchen intercultural workshops, dances of the world, etc.)
  • Project « Mediem  » Mediation as a tool for conflict prevention and promoting coexistence in local primary and secondary schools.
  • Project  » IntregrAcción  » Project funded by the European Integration Fund through the following actions: comprehensive social intervention network composed by entities and professionals from different fields and municipal departments in order to work together to achieve integration; Intercultural didactical resources handbook, Training course for professionals and the creation of parents mediators profile.
  • Awareness actions such as Cine-Forum, solidarity concerts, Peace Day, Day of tolerance, Solidarity and volunteer Fair, etc.
  • Support integration and awareness actions developed by local social organizations (third sector)


Last 3 years, table.

Previously, the municipality of Vila-real has participated in LLP with the following projects:

  • Small City Commerce (LdV) 2008 Leading organisation
  • ICT Training for Taxi drivers 2006 leading for Academia Mondragon Lingua (Bilbao)

And in other European programmes such as IEE Intelligence Energy Europe developing a local energy system.


ALEJANDRO MORENO SANDOVAL. Degree in Psychology. Master in International Cooperation for Development (project management) Over 25 years international experience in minor protection, social integration and training. Associated professor of Psychology in Jaume I University. From 2011, Councilor, responsible for Solidarity, Integra-tion and cooperation Department of Vilareal City Council. Deputy Mayor.

EUGENIA MARTÍNEZ. Degree in Psychology. She is in charge of community actions within Solidarity, Integration and Cooperation Department. Over 25 years experience in project and program management in different areas. Main tasks performed:

  • To plan, manage and monitor programs, services and projects to integrate prevention awareness at the community level.
  • To manage municipal grants for international cooperation for development projects developed by local NGO.
  • To manage international development cooperation projects to develop the third sector. Technical and economic monitoring.
  • Education actions for leisure directed at children and youth.
  • To strengthen local associations through revitalization action, support and counseling.

CONSUELO A. LOZANO SILVA. Diploma in schoolteaching. Higher education courses in teaching skills, socio cultural education and gender. Over 10 years experience in sociocultural animation and youth work. She works at Solidarity, Integration and Cooperation Department of Municipality of Vila-real as youth worker.


  • MEDIEM Project